Apr 27, 2016

Wisconsin Republicans and Big Ag Implementing a Disaster

Water used to be recognized as
too critical not to protect.
Wisconsin Republicans offer
protection to poisoners and polluters
as criminal pariahs contribute
massive sums of money to
corrupt Republican policymakers.
Wisconsin media as embodied by
Gannett Co. gives Big Ag
a pass, typically declining coverage
and editorial comment.

Blue baby syndrome, water too toxic to drink, surface waters becoming hazardous waste depositories—tragic costs industrialized agriculture is willing to inflict onto Wisconsin families

'Remember when you could fish from the lakes, and drink water from the ground?' This is the destination towards which Wisconsin is accelerating as state Republicans align themselves with a brand of polluter removed from any decent concern of Wisconsin families and life: The poisoner.

The scope of Scott Walker's project to degrade Wisconsin into a southern state with snow is further revealed with each passing day, (Walker’s Worst 100), (2015-17 slashing of UW System funding), as the lifeblood of Wisconsin, water, remains under attack in an assault so broad it ought to draw the attention of the Department of Homeland Security in addition to the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers which protect our water.

Consider central Wisconsin, (Friends of the Central Sands).

"Groundwater in the Wisconsin's central sands region is both over-pumped and contaminated at high levels by animal waste runoff, but officials have been unable or unwilling to stop it," (The Political Environment).

Citizen groups across the political spectrum have arisen to defend water, recreational and tourism water attractions as a way of life in central Wisconsin even as Republicans broaden the environmental assault in response.

Twenty-five years ago, policymakers debated the Wetlands Protection Act as a proposed bulwark against polluters. Today, these same polluters are protected. This very week Walker signed legislation devastating wetlands, (Bergquist, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel).

What can you do? If you see a Republican, vote him/her our of office like your children's' future and the your family's health depend on it. It does.

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