Apr 8, 2016

Wisconsin Legislators Hear Residents' Concerns over Poisoners

"I don't think it's too much to ask of them, (industrialized agriculture), not to poison our water or dry up our wells," Nekoosa, Wisconsin resident Rick Potter told Wisconsin legislators yesterday.

It may very well be too much to ask of Big Ag and the psychology of the poisoner.

Rebecca Cardenas of WSAU-TV (Wausau, Wisconsin) has the story.

Patt Pisellini of central Wisconsin writes:

"Last night was an exercise in futility. The legislators were there to hear our concerns, and to act on them; but all we got out of the evening was that our voices are being heard - and ignored, but a Republican-led legislature that votes along party lines, and spouts the same tired rhetoric fed to them by the DBA and the veg growers lobbyists. It infuriates me that we have to keep going to Madison to grovel before legislators, begging for something that should be our natural right - the right to clean safe water."


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