Apr 4, 2016

Bernie Sanders Is a Wisconsin Progressive

A March for Bernie Sanders in Waupaca, Wisconsin on
the weekend before the April 5 presidential primary election.
There is one clear choice for the Democratic Party nominee for the presidency—Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The stakes have never been higher.

What we have is a life-long civil rights activist and economic justice worker, Bernie Sanders, against a corporatist whose campaign is a gargantuan funnel for special interests.

Democratic Party establishment insiders have largely fallen in line against the progressive Sanders. So what?

Bernie Sanders stands out for his decency, and his fearless work for a nation in which living in a democracy means citizens should be the decision-makers, and not the special interests dominating the Democratic and Republican Party establishments.

The Clinton camp would have voters believe her special-interests campaign would represent a strong top of the Democratic Party ticket. All polls show this to be untrue, as Sanders outperforms Clinton by significant margins as the Democratic Party nominee, (RealClearPolitics), and has for months.

Even as Wisconsin is decimated by a sociopathic governor and a gerrymandered legislature, the progressive state will never give up the fight.

For president, Bernie Sanders.

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