Mar 10, 2016

Central Wisconsin Citizens Begin Petition Opposing Massive Factory Farm

The Wysocki family quietly buys up land, use it up, literally
poison their neighbors, the hell with everyone else.
These people do not live on their CAFOs; they live far-away.
And, yes, there is something sociopathic about this,
said a Saratoga, Wisconsin resident.
Citizens is central Wisconsin have begun a petition opposing a proposed massive CAFO or Concentrated (Confined) Agricultural Feeding Operation sited in the town of Saratoga in Wood County Wisconsin.

The Golden Sands Dairy is owned by the Wysocki Family of Companies (through two LLCs which insulate the Wysocki owners from liability from the expected pollution and contamination if the industrialized operations were to begin).

The Golden Sands Dairy is widely opposed and imperils a wold class golf resort in northern Adams county, property home valuations, and surface waters and acquirers in a four-county region looking for recreational and tourism investments.

Citizens have been opposing the proposed CAFO since plans were first announced in 2012.

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