Feb 7, 2016

Wood County Will Not Forget Killing of Two Amish Lives

Received an indignant call this weekend from a Wood County (Wisconsin) resident about the local district attorney, Craig Lambert, (and prosecuting attorney Michael Zell), and their failure to charge a man who killed two members of an Amish family last November (2015), crashing "his truck into a horse-drawn wagon (killing) Christian Kempf and Kempf's 10-year-old son, Melvin," (Madden, USA Today Network, Wisconsin).

The killer received a civil citation.

The Wisconsin state legislature remains in paralysis on the issue of protecting vulnerable residents on the road amid calls across the political spectrum to protect the minority Amish community in particular.

This case, County of Wood vs. Seth M Nelson, shows yet again the need for an integrity unit overseeing the local District Attorney's office, an office staffed across the state by careerists in the position to advance their legal careers with little apparent concern for the public interest.


  1. maybe if they work up in the legislator years ago the da would not play judge and juror, we all known how corrupt the da was stemming back from the week murder!

  2. but yet they wish to hang you for lessor offenses which should have been dismissed. This warrants an investigation not only into the D.A.'S OFFICE BUT, The Wood County Sheriffs office also.