Feb 6, 2016

See Michael Moore's 'Where to Invade Next'

Michael Moore's Where to Invade Next
—an instant classic on war, atrocity
and human indifference
Michael Moore throws his life into social justice pursuits.

The promotion of the Academy Award®-winning Moore's new movie, Where to Invade Next, will have to come from his millions of supporters.

Moore came down with pneumonia, a condition I can assure you is easy to pick up in the northern United States, (by the way before, during and after public visits to the office, library, restaurants, and stores wash your hands frequently) and first thing when you get home.

With Moore burning it on both ends, he is hospitalized, and had to cancel all of his public appearances.

The eternally optimistic, passionate and brilliant filmmaker is out with another classic film scheduled for release the weekend of Feb. 12, (check your local movie guide).

Where to Invade Next comes as the Republican candidates for the presidency (with Democrat-in-name Hillary Clinton yapping behind) compete to posture as the one willing to destroy, kill and inflict a catastrophe somewhere, sometime should he/she sufficiently manipulate the results of the American electoral process, where winning a popular vote is not needed to assume the U.S. presidency nor the nomination of the Republican or Democratic parties.

Michael Moore will heal-up fast.

America will not if we blindly follow the next president into war and destruction, at a place to be determined by us.

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