Feb 17, 2016

Country Will Lose If Insiders Coronate Hillary Clinton Against Wish of Voters

Being elected to Congress can be a heady thing.

It's also inherently corrupting, and the monetary and political inducements can make almost anyone defame, smear and do almost anything.

Witness John Lewis who acting for Hillary Clinton swiftboated Bernie Sanders. John Lewis should be ashamed of himself, but Congress has a way of deflating the capacity for shame.

Lewis infamously insinuated 1960s civil rights worker Bernie Sanders was not a civil rights worker. He did this in service to Hillary Clinton.

See Douglas Williams at In These Times for an important rejoinder.

Writes Williams in his open letter to Lewis:

The movement that you, my grandmother, Senator Sanders and countless thousands were a part of was the largest grassroots movement for social, political and economic change that this country has ever seen. It was a movement that was bigger than any one participant in it; a movement that, at its best, was unapologetically radical and driven by the Black working class. We should live every moment in awe and praise of all of those people and not sweep them under the rug when it is politically expedient.

Hillary Clinton ain’t worth that. Not to me, and not to millions of others ...

Our country, our democracy are also not worth that.

A Koch brothers Congress and a rightwing president await America should voters go along with Hillary Clinton, the sell-outs, and the smug sycophants that brought Hillary Clinton victory in the New Hampshire primary, overruling the voters who gave Bernie Sanders a voters' victory, 151,584 votes to 95,252 votes, (60% to 38 %), (WMUR).

A Hillary Clinton-Democratic National Committee (DNC) scheme is attempting to rig the Democratic Party election for the nomination to the presidency, a foolish enterprise that will not escape the notice of voters and the Republican Party.

If Clinton and the DNC succeed, the Democratic Party will have blown a historic opportunity for the benefit of Hillary Clinton's ego to tragic consequence.

The nation will not be the same, and insiders will enjoy their inducements safe in the knowledge their futures are acceptable even if the great majority of American citizens will suffer.

If you believe this is hyperbole, I suggest you look at the state of Wisconsin for insight into what the nation would look like under Republican, One Party rule.

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