Feb 25, 2016

Black Lives Matter Exposes Hillary's White Privilege, Vile Reaction Follows

What were you going to do, Dr. King? Wave
a magic wand, transport to the mountaintop
and tell the world what you see? ... Ridicule,
a proven COINTELPRO technique. "[I]n every
instance careful attention must be given to the
proposal to insure the targeted group is disrupted,
ridiculed, or discredited through the publicity
and not merely publicized ... ."

Black Lives Matter to Hillary Clinton [02/24/16]: "I am NOT a Superpredator"

Hillary Clinton is desperate to compile superdelegates on the down-low even as this Party insiders' firewall is coming under attack by Clinton's former Secretary of Labor (and others) and Clinton's we'll-take-it-from-here delegate math is being exposed as an disingenuous, inside baseball ploy, (Hass, In These Times).

As the South Carolina Democratic Primary approaches, another #Black Lives Matter activist exposes Hillary's deplorable record on race (video below), and the resulting vile reaction from the Clinton campaign supporters on social media instructs and repulses, (Progressive Midwesterner).

In sum, Hillary Clinton and her supporters suck.

Are we really surprised Clinton spent the 1960s as a Nixon-Goldwater-Rockefeller Republican while Bernie Sanders worked as a civil rights activist?

Hillary, it's time to consider suspending your campaign before you inflict and injure the black community even more than you have during President Clinton's years in office.

Yes, I know Democratic Party prosecutors across the country as well raced to catch up to the Tommy Thompsons, Scott Walkers, ALEC crime bills and the prison-industrial complex.

But not everybody did.

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