Jan 28, 2016

Wisconsin Republicans Target Milwaukee, Local Control Again

In an attempt to obstruct, confuse and frustrate non-Republican residents, Wisconsin legislative Republicans are introducing a far-reaching bill dictating what type of ID municipalities—towns, villages and cities—can issue.

Part of Senate Bill 533 and Assembly Bill 723 are components of the Republican project to block non-Republican voters from the polls.

The Republican initiative is also part of concerted partisan effort to obstruct local democracy which is becoming decidedly anti-Republican across the state.

"This appears to be a gratuitous swipe at the city and county of Milwaukee [in particular]," said Matt Rothschild, executive director of the government watchdog group, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

In the hyper-segregated greater Milwaukee area, Rothschild's observation is true.

More broadly, state Republicans fear any successful exercise of local control reflecting the will of municipal residents not controlled by Republicans.

Jessie Opoien has the story at The Capital Times.

No Wisconsin Republican running for office campaigned on any of the elements contained in Senate Bill 533 and Assembly Bill 723.

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