Nov 3, 2015

Water Advocates Plan 'Stink-in' at Capitol; Target Polluters and Pols

Vectoring millions of tons of liquid cow manure into aquifers and Wisconsin surface waters, including the two largest Great Lakes is "medieval," notes Gordon Stevenson, Wisconsin's former DNR runoff chief (2001-2011)
A wide coalition of Wisconsin citizens across the political spectrum will rally in Madison Nov. 7 at the state capitol at 1:00 p.m. this coming Saturday.

They want clean and safe water, air and a healthy environment now savaged by Concentrated (Confined) Agricultural Feeding Operations (CAFOs), an industrialized and massively polluting corporate farming model adopted by big agriculture against popular opposition.

As Republicans and Scott Walker protect polluters and disregard the Wisconsin Constitution's Public Trust Doctrine, 1,000s are expected this coming Saturday to 'raise a stink.'

Clean water advocates, sustainable farmers, property owners seeing plummeting valuations and other opponents of CAFOs have seen hospitalized children who drank water out of the faucet, and watched politicians set the state on a trajectory towards undrinkable water, and toxic air (Citizens Concerned about Lake Superior CAFOs as the Dept of Natural Resources has become a polluters' lobby under Scott Walker, (Facebook)).

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