Nov 4, 2015

Oscar Mayer Closing Shows Epic Failure of Industrial Ag-Food Processing Systems

"Nowhere is the Pope’s call for deep, fundamental, lasting change more essential than in the American Food system. A recent Fortune Magazine 'Special Report: The war on big food' (May 2015) begins, 'Major packaged-food companies lost $4 billion in market share alone last year, as shoppers swerved to fresh and organic alternatives. Can the supermarket giants win you back?,'" writes John Ikerd, PhD of agricultural economics.

The 1,000-plus workers at Madison's Oscar Mayer plant would agree, so do the workers in six other manufacturing facilities in North America, (Godar, The Capital Times).

Safe food operations, used to be called family farms, should be subsidized by the U.S. government as sustainable and healthy for society.

"[T]he white-collar Kraft Heinz headquarters jobs are moving to Chicago, as global financial players discard a big piece of Madison's economy, identity and blue-collar workforce like a hot dog wrapper," notes The Political Environment.

Policy decisions have been made, and not the right ones, corporate agriculture and the industries they serve are simply unsustainable.

That's part of the demands citizens will make this coming Saturday when a wide coalition of Wisconsinites across the political spectrum will rally in Madison Nov. 7 at the state capitol at 1:00 p.m.

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