Sep 16, 2015

Hours from GOP Clown Debate, 'I Despise Hillary Clinton' Lies in Wait

It's part of the political culture in Wisconsin that the talent assembled to investigate and ultimately force the resignation of Richard Nixon was well-represented by Wisconsin.

Rep. Kastenmeier, Dixon and Doar among others, and for history—Stanley I. Kutler.

Not widely known is the fact that Hillary Clinton served as an ambitious young attorney on the House Judiciary Committee. Lots of urban legends about Hillary, crap.

But what's not crap is that Clinton then as now was self-entitled, egotistical and slimy.

So, it is no surprise that one of Clinton's Super Pacs comes out negative in September, but it is disappointing.

The big story of this campaign is not Trump, or the "self-reinforcing cycles of negative media attention and declining poll numbers" of Clinton. (Silver,

The story will be a clash of Clinton v. Democratic voters and voters' preference. (Easley, Politicususa)

Look, the email story is a non-story, media garbage.

But for Clinton to red-bait and trash the 'other' as her organization is doing to Bernie Sanders reveals all you to know about Clinton.

One: A confident candidate does not go negative in September.

Two: A decent candidate does not go sleazy-negative ever.

Expect more crap from Hillary earlier and lower in a manner that will make the 2007-08 primary look like a love-in.

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