Jun 6, 2015

Political Journalists Revealed State Dem Party-Nation Consulting Corruption

Martha Laning emerged victorious June 6 as elected Chair at the Wisconsin Democratic Party (DPW) Convention in a repudiation of the outgoing Chair's virtual dissolution of the DPW's campaign work.

But this unlikely blow-out victory would not have been possible without the work of political journalists who blew the lid off the feckless Mike Tate and Nation Consulting corruption out of Milwaukee.

Kudos to Aaron Camp for his work:
Same to Zach at Blogging Blue: Thad Nation: "I run a firm with a lot of different clients. We work with both Republicans and Democrats and we employ Democrats and Republicans."

And Cognitive Dissidence for the series on the Milwaukee County Democratic Party, Nation Consulting, Jason Rae and Mike Tate's shenanigans.

Finally, Joe Wineke deserves plaudits for sounding the alarm last year about the ineffectual DPW and its abandonment of the fundamentals of campaigning and Party building from the people and for the people.

The DPW is a stronger position now than it was yesterday.

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