May 16, 2015

Hey Scott Walker, You're Lying Again—as Bad as Bush-Cheney

Scott Walker finds utility of neocon lies as he evades law
enforcement probe back home in Wisconsin, one of
numerous scandals and corruptions of Gov. Scott Walker
Updated - Fresh from his PR jaunt to Israel blacked-out from the press (Sommer, Hareetz, Schreckinger, the Politco), Scott Walker comes home and shoots out the story he would not have invaded and occupied Iraq in 2003 (Rubin, Washington Post, Sommerhauser, Wisconsin State Journal) knowing what Bush and Cheney knew.

Walker's nonsense comes with a wink to the neocons in the U.S. and the even more war-mongering rightist and militaristic racists in Israel lusting for a US-led war with Iran (this time), should another Republican occupy the White House.

Of course Bush and Cheney knew. But the oh-we-didn't-know-there-were-no-WMDS is the neocon line of the day, and Scott Walker is ever the good solider for lies, no matter the consequences.

One tactical problem with Walker's latest lie is Bush-Cheney's White House Iraq Group's (the Iraq War propaganda group) 2002-03 mission to lie, spin and con America into war with Iraq, and the strutting Bush and assorted chickenhawks created a disaster, arguably the most atrocious human rights crime of the 21st century.

Another problem for Scott Walker is Walker is dumber (and less informed) than Bush, hence media blackouts and press rope lines that come with Walker's public appearances now-a-days, and still not one question-and-answer session with voters.

Walker's—more likely a different GOP nominee for the presidency—lies for an invasion with Iran this next time out won't wash with the American public still recovering from the Bush-Cheney disaster to the world economy, and not so hot on more neocon wars.

For those with short memories, perhaps the best text of Bush-Cheney-neocon lies selling the Iraq invasion is David Corn and Michael Isikoff's Hubris: The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War (Crown Publishers, 2006). (See review, (Heilbrunn, NYT)

Notes David Corn two years ago, "Our book ... was the first cut at an important topic: how a president had swindled the nation into war with a deliberate effort to hype the threat." (Corn, MotherJones)

For those contemplating what the neocons did and what the Republicans want to do again, see "Hubris" (Full Film) Iraq War Documentary - The Rachel Maddow Show (02-18-2013).

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