Apr 8, 2015

Wisconsin Voters' Comprehension of Top Court Is Shameful

Pleased to read Justice Ann Walsh Bradley win reelection to the Wisconsin Supreme Court (Hall, Wisconsin State Journal).

Repulsed to see what Bradley had to do to win against an odious opponent, Rock County Circuit Judge James Daley.

Because of the political culture prevailing among the citizenry, the state's top appellate court members are elected in accordance to their endorsements (and money spent) by special interests.

These special interests ought to offer no weight.

For example, Bradley felt compelled to note prominently, "300 Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, DAs, and Judges" endorse her candidacy.

What precisely does a sheriff or a police chief know about appellate procedures and duties in which which the Supreme Court reviews lower court judgments and opinions?

Why does a justice list classes of likely litigants (such as district attorneys) and then make a claim (buried in a campaign webpage) to "apply the law in order to reach a fair and impartial decision, free from ideological or political considerations or bias?"

To win.

Justice Bradley was lucky the usual dark-money suspects—Club for Growth, and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce—sat out this race.

Worse for Wisconsin is the fact that Bradley is better than most in vocally committing to impartiality and fair application of the law.

Sheriffs, Police Chiefs and DAs corrupt the process every bit as much as Club for Growth and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and should refuse endorsement of political candidates (especially judges) out of fidelity to their own offices and public trust.

I wouldn't count on this happening any time soon of course.

Judges, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs and DAs are crooks and liars in putative service to an electorate steeped in ignorance and bigotry, not exactly a reformist environment pushing public officials toward the rule of law and public integrity.

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