Apr 11, 2015

Wisconsin Republicans Really Hate U.S. Constitution, Abrahamson Looks Likely to Prevail

A 2009 TV spot offers plaudits for
Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson
Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson's suit in federal court alleges violations of the U.S. Constitution's Due Process and Equal Protection clauses, and she and voters are likely to prevail.

"[Coplaintiffs] Joseph P. Heim, David Perkins, John V. Lien, Marilyn Wittry, and Hilde Adler are registered voters in the state of Wisconsin who supported the successful 2009 reelection campaign of Chief Justice Abrahamson and voted for her with the expectation that her successful reelection, in which she campaigned as 'Wisconsin’s Chief,' would keep her in the position of Chief Justice until her term expires in 2019, absent her resignation, death, disability, or recall," reads the complaint, Abrahamson et al v. Neitzel et. (Wisconsin State Journal)

Abrahamson defeated Randy R. Koschnick, garnering almost 60 percent of the vote. (Wisconsin GAB)

A victory in federal court would keep Abrahamson as Chief Justice until 2019, just as voters elected her in 2009.

Who knew that Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson's Campaign was advocacy that Abrahamson be elected to Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice? Any voter who caught a TV spot for one. "That's our Chief," concludes the ad below.
But not Wisconsin Republicans, if they are to be believed.

And do Wisconsin Republicans ever hate the U.S. Constitution's Due Process and Equal Protection clauses when they conflict with GOP state constitutional amendments and laws.

Dom's Domain has the story that Abrahamson and voters' complaint filed in federal court this week is likely to prevail in a must-read piece.

The following 2009 TV spot by the Greater Wisconsin Committee is typical of pro-Abrahamson ads run in 2009:

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