Apr 4, 2015

Scott Walker: Go Ahead and Pollute, Liquid Manure in Water is Good

The Dead Zone in Wisconsin -
In green in above shot in Green Bay
Brought to you by Big Ag and
Scott Walker, and off-year elections
One would believe that protecting Wisconsin's 15,000 lakes and aquifers is a no-brainier.

If not families' safe drinking water, tourism and recreation mandate a helicopter mom-like defense of water.

Not if you are Scott Walker

Lee Bergquist of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has the story:
As worries grow about water pollution caused by runoff from streets, yards and farm fields, Gov. Scott Walker's next budget calls for nearly 16% in spending cuts in programs that attack the problem.

The reductions have gone virtually unnoticed until now, overshadowed by Walker's higher profile environmental initiatives to freeze land purchases and strip the Natural Resources Board of its policy-making power.

Runoff is the state's most serious water pollution problem.

In Green Bay, pollutants from farm fields and other sources have helped create a dead zone, an area so low in oxygen that it can't support most aquatic life.

Wisconsin is not just a growing Dead Zone in the Great Lakes.

Wisconsin is becoming an economic Dead Zone.

Wisconsin's economy has been so trashed by the sociopathic governor that young people are fleeing Wisconsin because of lack of jobs.

Job creation was one of Walker's main campaign promises. So what happened?

Does Walker seek industry that creates many jobs. No.

Does he do the bidding of Dairy Business Association (DBA) that wants only farming factories with fewer jobs, and those are low-skill, low-paying jobs? Yes.

The DBA does not want challenges to its right to pollute. Scott Walker obliges.

The question is, does Walker favor campaign money more than the welfare of Wisconsin? Yes.

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