Apr 2, 2015

Jeb Bush Tops New Post-ABC Poll

Scott Walker lacks
gravitas and public
policy stuff, but has big
and bold ideas;
just ask him.

"[Jeb] Bush — by far the best known among those running for the GOP nomination — is viewed favorably by just 33 percent of the public, while 53 percent say they view him unfavorably." (Balz and Clement, Washington Post)

Congratulations, Gov. Bush, you are at the head of the GOP class, at 20 percent.

Scott Walker comes in third at 12 percent, tied with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at 13 percent.

The national vetting has barely begun on Walker and already the direction of conventional political wisdom (among conservatives) is: Scott Walker is a lightweight.

Jeb Bush need hardly look in his rear view mirror when a glance reveals Scott Walker and Ted Cruz.

Ask around.

Hillary has double-digit leads against all Republicans.

So, frack off, Martin O'Malley.

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