Apr 16, 2015

Chief Koval, Madison Police Lose Credibility, In Full CYA Mode

Madison Police - "Professional, Cordial, and
Respectful," says Koval. Knees on the head on
this young man's head show respect? If this
is professional, cordial and respectful, one
must question the police standards in this
regard. Perhaps shooting Tony Robinson
to death in March is cordial.
Madison Police hit the PR circuit hard yesterday.

Police Chief Mike Koval now says the police violence captured on video shows no police violence, and anyone who says differently loses his/her "credibility." (Savidge, Wisconsin State Journal)

At right is a shot from the video by Leslie Amsterdam of the Madison Police acting "very professionally, cordially and respectfully," as described by Koval, with protestors at a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday.

It would appear Koval and the cops are subject matter experts on what constitutes peace and violence.

And perhaps Tony Robinson really wasn't really shot to death. Right.

"Preliminary autopsy results released [in mid-March] show Tony Robinson was shot multiple times by a Madison police officer. Robinson, 19, died from firearm-related trauma to the head, torso and right upper extremity, according to the Dane County medical examiner's office. The exact number of gunshot wounds was not released, though friends and family have said he was shot five times in the chest." (Luthern, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)
Shot Five times. Wonder why police held that fact back. Clear now is why Tony Robinson's family said they have lost faith in the "investigation" last week. (Schneider, The Capital Times)

Anyone expecting candor from Koval and the Madison Police will be disappointed very soon.

Below is Leslie Amsterdam's video.
Professional, cordial and respectful?

This is what criminal law experts and law enforcement reformists call bullshit.

The State Journal ran a video this morning omitting nearly five minutes of another video featured on the YGB Ferguson To Madison site (Facebook) as Madison police up its propaganda efforts as the decision on whether to prosecute the killer cop approaches.

From YGB Ferguson To Madison on Tuesday, April 14, 2015:

The culmination of a national day of action against police brutality was met, some might say ironically, with a further escalation of police violence when peaceful protesters were arrested on East Washington Avenue in front of East High School. If you pay attention to who they target first, you can see how the police set this up. What comes after is just people reacting to unprovoked police violence and then getting arrested. #Justice4Tony #BlackLivesMatter
Posted by YGB Ferguson To Madison on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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