Mar 3, 2015

Will a Frustrated, Rejected Scott Walker Amp-up Attack on Wisconsin

"[Scott] Walker is in danger of being the guy known for not having a good — or any — answer to tough questions. That's particularly poisonous for him, given that he is running on leadership and truth-telling. ... But Walker cannot afford to become merely a culture war avatar of grass-roots resentment against the 'lamestream media.' That's the route to a radio show, not the White House," writes Jonah Goldberg in the LA Times.

This is why Scott Walker did not hold even one question-and answer session with the Wisconsin people. So, I repeat here Scott Walker will never become the GOP nominee for the presidency.

Walker is both deceitful and uninformed on policy, and is now engaged in running a national fundraiser disguised as a presidential run trading in on Wisconsin's natural resources, the safety of Wisconsin families, local community control and a world-class public university system.

As Walker is exposed as a lightweight and quite possibly humiliated on the national stage by his refusal or uninformed responses to simple policy questions, he may take it out on Wisconsin that he proposes devastating in his state budget, an agenda on which he dare not have campaigned.

Since 1966, Wisconsin has had four-year terms for its governors.

If Scott Walker were to face the Wisconsin people in a presidential-election year, he would lose badly, likely Wisconsinites who passed the referendum enshrining four-year gubernatorial terms in the Wisconsin Constitution regret doing so as November 2016 would not be a happy occasion for this delusional, little man named Scott Walker.

Wisconsin faces devesation when Scott Walker comes back to the segregated parts of the state and the cocoon of racist rightwing radio. Walker will not hold his first townall-style, question-and-answer listening session.

Walker is called a "conservative without a conscience," by John Dean but this vastly understates the vindictiveness of a statist, corrupt troll who has no hesitation in imposing major public policy decisions tucked into a 'budget' proposal with no public deliberation, and will destroy cherished environmental landmarks and protections out of spite, and aim to make the most vulnerable of Wisconsinites such as seniors to become more challenged as he wishes to cut Wisconsin SeniorCare, for example, begun by Tommy Thompson.

The next big fight in Wisconsin: Consideration of the Scott Walker budget that will force a handful of GOP senators to make decisions for Wisconsin over the Party.

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