Mar 15, 2015

When Big Ag Comes to Your Community

Clean Air and Water - Fighting the James Wysocki
proposed CAFO in central Wisconsin in Saratoga
as property values plummet, and Wysocki
sucks up the area's fresh water from
high-capacity wells used in Wysocki's
potato-growing operations. Wysocki, the
model of the sociopathic industrialized
CAFO factory owner lives far away from the
devastation he inflicts on central Wisconsin.
I wonder how a sick bastard like James Wysocki
sleeps at night.

Industrial agriculture is making Americans sick and is literally killing us

Update: Big Ag and the Wisconsin DNR have crafted an emergency rule, EmR 1417, secretly sprung onto Wisconsin citizens last year, blocking citizen input into any DNR policymaking across the state. The Emergency rule also has the effect of enabling the DNR to "ignore local (read town and county) ordinances as long as state and federal environmental policies are taken into account," as noted by Protect Wood County and Its Neighbors and Jimmy Parra, Staff Attorney of Midwest Environmental Advocates.

The Wood County Board of Supervisors is considering a resolution challenging Wisconsin Emergency Rule EmR 1417 on Tuesday morning, March 17, 2015.

The Emergency Rule is set to expire March 28, 2015, and citizens are working to voice their concerns that the Rule does not become permanent. Who knew the DNR could block out citizen input with a rule?

It is clear that Scott Walker's proposed budgetary moves to move administrative law judges adjudicating citizen complaints against the DNR (for example) and the DNR itself under the purview of Walker's Department of Administration (DOA), or the Department of All as it is known in the Capitol, is simply a means of blocking Wisconsin citizens and selling out Wisconsin to Big Ag and other Walker contributors.

Any Wisconsin citizen marginally concerned about the health of drinking water and surface water who voted for Scott Walker or sat out the election just might be rethinking that vote or instance of doing nothing.
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, NASA, the World Health Organization (WHO), and medical health professionals warn time and again against the health consequences of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), now proliferating in Wisconsin as Scott Walker green-lights the destruction of the regulatory and family health protection agencies.

Public safety will have to move over for Scott Walker's presidential ambitions as Walker dismantles health protections in his quite insane budget proposal.

At the bottom of an ancient glacial lake, Mike Keiser plans a spectacular golf resort in the Golden Sands of Wisconsin in the center of the state.

Tourism, recreational and family health advocates are uniting so this beautiful region of Wisconsin can prosper in Adams, Wood, Juneau and Portage counties.

But a predator is active, a venomous monster destroying the environment and poisoning the waters: Big Ag.

Big Ag has its protectors, Wisconsin State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa in Wood County), State Rep. Joel Kitchens (R-Sturgeon Bay), Scott Walker and the Republican Party of Wisconsin dedicated to carrying the poisoned water of Concentrated (Confined) Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) spreading like a virus.

Communities can fight back.

The citizens of the central Wisconsin region have not connected all the dots yet, but they have made substantial progress in less than three years in fighting James Wysocki's proposed dairy Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO).

In Bayfield and Ashland counties in the far north, communities are more profoundly in touch with protecting the environment and are more successfully working in enacting community ordinances to ultimately halt the operation of a proposed swine factory operation before it begins.

Lake Erie - The future of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior
if Wisconsin Republicans and Big Ag get their way
Image: Tom Archer
In Kewaunee, Brown and Door counties in northeast Wisconsin, once a thriving tourist area, you won't find many people on the beaches of Lake Michigan in the Door Peninsula any more. The 'carrying capacities' of the Green Bay and Fox River Valley watersheds have been exceeded.

You will find nearly one in three aquifers unfit to drink in Kewaunee County, a common state of affairs.

You'll hear stories of children poisoned and hospitalized by Ecoli from local liquid manure runoff from Big Ag operations. People—and this is astonishing that Big Ag's factory owners fail to realize this—do not like their children poisoned and their aquifers and surface waters destroyed as a growing oxygen-deprived Dead Zone in Lake Michigan looms as Spring approaches. At the present rate of CAFO proliferation and pollution, Lake Michigan will rival Lake Erie and its Dead Zone in the future. 

E.coli - The new face of America's Dairy State. From the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Know what billions of tons of liquid manure dumped annually does to water? This summer, take a small glass, fill it up with water from Lake Mendota, Lake Michigan, Lake Winnebago or Nepco Lake and drink up. Just have the location of the nearest poison center on hand because you will need it.

You can find the empirical, scientific case against dumping pathogens, nitrates and phosphorus into the environment via billions of tons of liquid cow manure vectored annually. Reading up is much safer than drinking up.

Mike Keiser's plans for a golf resort in the Golden Sands are going to run head-on into the pathology of Big Ag, and if Keiser is thinking strategically about his golf resort project, his investment syndicate had better join the fight against James Wysocki and proposed giant poisoning operation a few miles north of Keiser's planned resort as Wysocki calls the shots from Custer or Plover or whatever gated community from which he takes refuge from the poison he delivers to his factories' neighbors.

Below, Gordon Stevenson, Wisconsin DNR runoff chief from 2001-11, delivers a Feb. presentation in Bayfield County with scholars, farmers and activists fighting a proposed massive swine Iowa-based Reicks View CAFO:

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