Feb 23, 2015

Bad Night for Racists at the Oscars, and in Madison, Wisconsin

Musicians John Legend and Common won an Oscar last night for their beautiful Glory from Selma.

Locally, racists at the Madison, Wisconsin Meadowood Neighborhood Association used the weekend to applaud the arrest of a black man for pot-related charges, as the prison-industrial state and the concentration of black men into prisons and jails continues unabated.

One thing that can bring Scott Walker and law-and-order democrats together are hate-inspired neighborhood associations like Meadowood, cheering on the arrests of Wisconsin black folks.

"Wisconsin’s prisons now house about eight times as many inmates as they did in 1970, and the state has the dubious distinction of incarcerating a higher percentage of black men than any other state. Walker’s strategy on prison-related issues exposed his fundamental political approach," notes Roger Bybee in AlterNet.

Typical Madison, Wisconsin entries to the neighborhood associations like Meadowood on Madison's southwest side read: "Our Neighborhood Community Police On (sic) the Job.‏" Arresting black people. Vile.

Black Lives do matter, on the southwest side not so much, and the work for equality and civil rights continues from Ferguson to Madison.

From last night at the Oscars:

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