Jan 20, 2015

Time Magazine's Scott Walker Piece Heaves Incredulity at Readers

Updated - As Mark Anderson hits Scott Walker for Walker's misleading "I have a Master's degree in taking on the big government special interests" nonsense, Zeke J. Miller reports from Coronado, California that "Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker left little doubt Thursday that he is planning to run for the White House in 2016" last week. (Time Magazine)

Why would Walker claim to an academic accreditation in a labored metaphor? Ask Walker, someone, because Walker does not have the intellectual heft to research and write a Master's thesis, much less think on his feet and answer questions at a Wisconsin town-hall-style meeting

Walker has held zero such meetings even as he brags about winning Wisconsin's gubernatorial election three times, each garnering approximately one in four voters of Wisconsin's electorate.

Miller then forgoes writing about the baggage of the criminal John Doe probes into Scott Walker's sleazy schemes to grasp political power in a lethargic Wisconsin political culture.

Instead, Miller plays stenographer to Walker quoting his speech before a RNC convention:

 "People want a fresh, new look. They want new ideas. I want to share a vision: I think we have a unique opportunity going forward, not only for the good of this party, but more importantly for the good of the country, to find a new, fresh leader out there who can take big bold ideas, take ideas that come from of outside of Washington, from the states all the way down to the grassroots. We need someone who hopefully has the backing and the track record of success, of showing that common sense conservative reforms can work not just in Wisconsin, but they can work all across America."

Rhetoric without issues.

No mention of John Doe One and Two, the Wisconsin environment under assault, public education, destroying Wisconsin's world-class UW System, the Koch brothers, GTAC, Diane Hendricks, women's choice, clean water, Walker's budget deficit, the divisive racial politics of Scott Walker and hate radio from which Walker arose and so on.

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