Jan 18, 2015

Thank you, David Morris; Wishing You Peace

Käthe Kollwitz
Thank you David J. Morris for your piece in the New York Times on PTSD.

Let every chicken-hawk, veterans-are-frauds, anti-disability rights Republican read Mr. Morris.

Let every Republican who bashed President Obama's work to help veterans suffering from PTSD tell it to Mr. Morris first.

An excerpt:

"Occasionally I had weird dreams about the war that mixed people and places from my time in the Marines with my time in Iraq. But what really concerned me was something that happened a few years later. I was sitting in a movie theater with my girlfriend when the world suddenly went black. When I regained consciousness, I was pacing the lobby of the theater, looking at people’s hands to make sure they weren’t carrying weapons."

Let Gov. Scott Walker and his refusal to even discuss a pardon for an exemplary young Wisconsin Marine, Eric Pizer, read David Morris. Perhaps Scott Walker is too busy.

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