Jan 28, 2015

Target: Lake Superior and Chequamegon Bay

Are Lake Superior and Chequamegon Bay doomed? (Kaufman, NYT; The Fight for Wisconsin's Soul)

Only we can halt the destruction of Wisconsin waters and over ten percent of the world's fresh water.

From Wayne Griffiths (Facebook): Chequamegon Bay Area showing approximate location of the Bad River reservation, the proposed Penokee Hill (GTAC) mine and the proposed Bayfield County CAFO. [Meanwhile, Scott Walker is running around the country, proclaiming he wants to be president.] The blue in the upper-right of the shot is called Lake Superior.

The following GPS coordinates are approximate.
Center 46º 19.632'N 90º31.881'W.
North East boundary 46º20.311'N 90º29.334'W.
South West boundary 46º18.962'N 90º34.709'W

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