Jan 7, 2015

Scott Walker Proclaims God Put Him in Office, as GOP Powergrab Proceeds

Scott Walker is mistaking billionaires and polluters for "God."

Not surprising when Walker has received and given so much for these special interests who are devastating Wisconsin's environment, public school system, the City of Milwaukee among other sectors of the state Walker's benefactors see as evil.

"I think with what I’ve had to go through in the last four years, both politically, but also in terms of the policies, certainly I feel that there’s a reason God put me in a spot to do the things that we’ve done and take on the kind of challenges we’ve done," Walker said on the "Hugh Hewitt Show." (Peter Sullivan, The Hill)

Walker mentioned God when asked if he is considering a run for president.

Walker said, "And it’s certainly something I’m going to take seriously, and really look at it closely over the next month or two."

Guess Walker needs to pray on this and hope the almighty gets back to him in two months on whether Walker should form an exploratory committee.

GOP Targets Wisconsin Supreme Court

Meanwhile, Walker and Wisconsin Republicans are fast-tracking a measure that would force the resignation of two rule-of-law (what the GOP calls 'liberal') Wisconsin Supreme Court justices because the justices are 75-years-old or older, an age prohibited by the GOP-crafted legislation without a name or number yet. (Hall, Wisconsin State Journal)

The GOP measure passed on a party-line vote last session and the legislation likely will pass on a party-line vote this session.

The rush is the GOP needs the legislation passed so a referendum on the resulting Constitutional Amendment on can be placed on the ballot in the April 7 (Spring) general elections—low turnout affairs dominated by Koch brothers, Club for Growth and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce money, among other GOP interest group money.

The April election will likely draw no more than 20-some percent of the Wisconsin electorate.

On January 8, the GOP measure will go before the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

Today, the GOP will likely adopt a rule limiting debate in the State Assembly so GOP legislation can be passed more quickly and quietly with the Wisconsin public distracted by the Packers and the January cold. (Stein, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

No guarantee the GOP's Constitutional Amendment referendum will pass April 7, but Wisconsin state party Democrats have to this point shown themselves feckless against Scott Walker and his dark money funding apparatus, a criminal investigation of which was halted by a corrupt federal judge.

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