Dec 13, 2014

Pig CAFO Farm Moves Forward—Sited Close to Lake Superior

Bayfield County Wisconsin - Future Home
of massive swine CAFO generating
millions of tons of liquid pig shit

Updated - In the annals of stupidity and greed, the proposed GTAC mine in Iron County (Wisconsin) will have to take a back seat to the proposed swine CAFO (concentrated agricultural feeding operation) in Bayfield County.

Bayfield County is the northern-most county in Wisconsin and juts into Lake Superior, site of pristine inland lakes and streams, and near the Chequamegon National Forest, the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, the Bad River watershed and Native American habitats in the ceded territory. [A legal challenge is expected on that basis of protected habitats in the ceded territory, a swath across northern Wisconsin.]

The Iowa-based Reicks Pig Farm LLC maintains the corporate farming model, and this model does not call for a show of hands or concern for the environment.

Corporate farming is predatory and devastating to the environment.

A County resolution for a 60-day planning moratorium of the swine operation failed this week. (Mullen, Ashland Daily Press (Wisconsin))

Scott Walker has given the go-ahead to virtually any type of devastation imaginable as Wisconsin's DNR is now a functional adjunct of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Those looking for a get-away to the great Northwoods, the Apostle Islands and Lake Superior soon are going to have try Minnesota and Michigan instead because the Reicks operation's corporate headquarters—located 300 miles south in Iowa—does not share the pedestrian environment and health concerns of northern Wisconsin that up to now has been spared the siting of CAFOs.

Welcome to Wisconsin: Open for Devastation and Pollution:

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