Dec 18, 2014

Color-Brave Approach on Race Is Color-Stupid

Police reformer/humanist David Couper has a talk out today by Mellody Hobson worth a listen because Hobson, as do many progressives, makes the mistake of failing to acknowledge that race is a "dangerous myth" (Ashley Montagu) and racists are—at best—foolish.

The pseudoscience of 'investigation' of race as a scientific concept is making a comeback as the Republican Party needs its Nicholas Wades and Jason Richwines to present their finding that not only is racial classification significant in analyzing the phenomena of "race," but the races have different intellectual capacities and character inclinations that ought inform public policy.

Ms. Hobson proffers that in fighting racism we should be "color-brave" instead of "color-blind" because this topic is apparently uncomfortable to the racists and other know-nothings.

Gee, why would the white party of segregation, dehumanization, racism and anti-immigration need Wade and Richwine ("a disciple of Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray"), the Heritage Foundation and the resurgence of nineteenth century anthropology?

Ms. Hobson should consider the question; one hopes the answer is obvious.

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