Nov 26, 2014

New Scott Walker Emails Confirm Criminality

The new batch of emails released yesterday brings more evidence demonstrating Scott Walker's secret email system installed in the Milwaukee County Executive's office was an illegal campaign operation, Walker was dedicated to obscuring his office's work from the public, and Walker was a hands-on manager. (Bice, Stein; Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

The emails reinforce facts already made public in past email releases begging the question why didn't Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm bring criminal charges in the John Doe probe (May 2010 - March 2013) against Walker (who used the illegal secret system) when the mountain of evidence made public has established and exceeded probable cause of criminality by Walker and virtually all of Walker's close staff during his tenure of Milwaukee county executive. (2002-2010)

Chisholm said in a statement in 2013 that charges that he brought had to be supported by "proof beyond a reasonable doubt."

Chisholm's 2013 statement is counter to the common practice in criminal law of using probable cause as a standard to bring criminal charges.

For example, when Wisconsin State Rep. Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha)—former Republican majority leader who was kept on the taxpayer payroll throughout his arrest and negotiations with the DA and will receive pension and health care benefits after his sweetheart deal with the GOP's newly elected attorney general, Brad Schimel—a probable cause criminal complaint charging Kramer with two counts of 2nd Degree Sexual Assault/Use of Force was issued.

Wisconsin John Doe probes are not mini-trials. The beyond-a-reasonable-doubt standard is what juries use to convict in criminal trials.

Walker has refused to answer the question whether he used the illegal system and had his private account though emails made public show he did.

Chisholm made a political calculation in not charging Scott Walker, not a legal calculation protecting public integrity and Wisconsin citizens against criminality by its public servants.

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  1. Walker is evil thru and thru....totally anti-citizenry, pro wealthy 1%.