Nov 11, 2014

Humane PTSD Regs, Better Veterans' Care Are Obama Legacy

Myriad chickenhawks and neocons led the call against phantom PTSD fraud ala voter fraud

President Obama's administration expanded the VA's disability programs, and changed the PTSD rules for obtaining disability benefits, a move that drew criticism from the neocons and their allies.

This comprehensive altering of the PTSD disability regulations in 2010 is an achievement vastly underreported, and following eight years of neocon war was badly needed.

Obama expanded the rules for Agent Orange claims.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI), Gulf War Illness, and an end to prosecuting and intimidating veterans for tenaciously pursuing disability benefit claims like Wisconsin's Keith Roberts, Obama made huge strides in veterans' care, though the GOP is trying to rid political history of this reality.

This Veterans Day, stand with President Obama and the many safeguards for veterans instituted against Republican Party opposition.

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