Oct 26, 2014

Wisconsin Sen. Frank Lasee: Suspected Voter Fraud, Tax Fraud Perp

Wisconsin State Sen. Frank Lasee's residence (R-De Pere, Racine, Unknown) remains an unknown.

Two new complaints were filed by the State Senate Democratic Committee Friday: A tax fraud complaint and a voter fraud complaint. See also A History of Sen. Frank Lasee's Residency Issues.

Lasee's wife and kids live in Racine on the 1,000 block of Orchard Street; pay their property taxes on their Orchard Street residence; claim their lottery tax credit on one of their Racine properties, but Lasee insists the apartment he maintains in De Pere in his residence.

Lasee faces Dean P. Debroux (D-De Pere) this November in the general election.

From the Green Bay Progressive:
The State Senate Democratic Committee filed a voter fraud and a tax fraud compliant against State Senator Frank Lasee yesterday. The complaints center on whether Frank Lasee lives in Racine or in De Pere.

The voter fraud complaint highlights multiple counts of voter fraud from seven different addresses that Frank Lasee has given police officers, municipal clerks, and county courts throughout Wisconsin dating back to 2009. In one case, Lasee used two different addresses within 24 hours.

The tax fraud complaint shows that Lasee and his family in Racine claimed the Wisconsin Lottery Tax Credit, therefore requiring Lasee to maintain fulltime residence in the home where it is claimed. Lasee and his family in Racine have claimed the Lottery Tax Credit while Lasee votes in the City of De Pere.

"The bottom line is, while looking at the facts, it is overwhelmingly clear that Frank Lasee has either intentionally committed voter fraud or tax fraud. It’s astonishing how shameless Frank is in acting above the laws that families in northeast Wisconsin follow everyday," Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. "It’s far past time for Frank to be held accountable for his actions and be honest with the voters before November’s election."
Click here to view the tax fraud complaint.

Click here to view the voter fraud complaint.

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