Oct 28, 2014

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters Expands TV Buy

Folks in central and eastern Wisconsin are seeing Wisconsin waters ruined under four years of Scott Walker's disastrous environmental policies.

Voters are taking heed, and getting the message.

From the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters announced today that it has expanded broadcasting of the ad entitled “Water” into the Milwaukee media market. With this additional buy of $310,000, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters has now made an investment of $1.3 million to date in their efforts to elect Mary Burke.

The ad highlights how Governor Walker risked contaminating the drinking water of Wisconsin citizens with arsenic and lead when he signed the open-pit mining bill. It also reminds voters that Governor Walker signed the open-pit mining bill after the mining company gave $700,000 to a group actively supporting Governor Walker.

The ad concludes with, "You can’t put a price on clean water. But it looks like Scott Walker just did."

1 comment:

  1. Appreciate the League of Conservation Voters expanding the exposure of this ad to the Milwaukee area. People outside the central sands and Kewaunee areas need to be made aware of the depth of the clean water issue. It will affect every man, woman and child if something is not done.