Oct 9, 2014

US Supreme Court Ruling on Wisconsin Voter ID Expected Within Forty-eight Hours

Wisconsin voting rights advocates have an "exceedingly strong case on the facts and the law" to vacate or nullify the stay by the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, said Katherine Culliton-González this morning, freeing Wisconsin voters to cast their votes without presenting a restrictive range of voter IDs.

Culliton-González is co-counsel to the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) of Wisconsin, co-plaintiffs in the Wisconsin civil rights cases now before the US Supreme Court.

Culliton-González works for the Advancement Project as Senior Attorney and Director of Voter Protection.

An emergency petition (application) was filed with Justice Kagan, but sources close to the litigation said they expect the petition to be heard by the full Court.

If Kagan were to vacate the stay, then Republican Wisconsin Attorney General Van Hollen could and likely would then file another emergency petition (application) to another justice, under US Supreme Court rules.

Van Hollen and Scott Walker want the Wisconsin Voter ID law in effect on Election Day to disenfranchise as many minority and young voters as possible, increasing Scott Walker's chance for reelection

Culliton-González pointed to the many cases supporting voter rights advocates following the Pursell principle of federal courts never changing the rules of an election after an election has begun or close to an election, a principle that emphatically applies to Voter ID cases and in Wisconsin where the appellate panel ruled after the election had begun.

Check at Election Law Blog and Ruthelle Frank v. Scott Walker for updates.

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