Oct 6, 2014

Scott Walker's Anti-Environmental Policies May Kill His Reelection

"Following my four decades of covering the environment, here is an honest observation: Scott Walker has by far the worst environmental record of all Wisconsin governors in that time," writes Bill Berry today in a must-read.

That's right. Story after story reveals what three years of Republicans running this state can do.

As Walker's allies pollute Wisconsin's waters across the state, we don't see Scott Walker around.

Walker resembles a small man hiding with bad intentions destroying what makes Wisconsin and this planet work: Water.

See also Jim Rowen today, and Karen Madden on Lt. Gov. John Lehman's (D-Racine) tour through central Wisconsin this weekend.

Scott Walker's opponent, Mary Burke, is an avid supporter of environmental causes and would offer a sea change from this reckless and destructive administration.

People come to Wisconsin for the water and the environment.

Tourism and recreation aside, we need water and we don't need Scott Walker.

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