Oct 30, 2014

Scott Walker Is Desperate, GOP Front Group Plants Last-Minute Defamation

Update: Defamatory story knocked down across the board as even the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorial page hits the Wisconsin Reporter. Meanwhile, Burke hit back saying, "These are complete lies, fabrications. Tom (Albers) had an ax to grind, Gary Kellerman has an ax to grind with Trek. It shows Scott Walker is not going to stop at anything. He is a career politician who will do anything to win an election, including lies, smears, dragging a great Wisconsin company through the mud." (Stein, Glauber, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Two lessons ought to be apparent: The Wisconsin Reporter is a GOP propaganda sheet, and the desperate Scott Walker will tell any lie to hang onto to office.
A desperate Scott Walker is hoping last-minute infusions of out-of-state money and defamatory stories by the GOP-front organ, Wisconsin Reporter, can stave off an expected high turnout by college-aged and minority citizens now that photo voter ID is enjoined.

Under the cloud of fake neutral journalism, Walker still knows he's falling short.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin citizens need to GOTV, and "Calm The Fuck Down."

No one can sit this one out, the stakes are too high.

Vote Mary Burke.

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