Oct 14, 2014

Scott Walker-GOP's Halting Milwaukee Paid Sick Leave Is Reckless Public Health

In May 2011, Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans passed legislation that imposed a uniform Scott Walker-knows-best policy nullifying Milwaukee's Paid Sick Leave ordinance.

"When Governor Walker and state legislators overrode this ordinance, they not only steamrolled local democratic will (overriding a law that passed by an overwhelming vote), but they also repealed the rights of working people to get medical treatment they need, lead healthier lives, and help safeguard the health of their families, coworkers and customers," notes Emily Osborne.

Safeguarding the public should be a public health concern; why force sick people to come to work?

As the flu, or the Enterovirus D68 are likely to be immediately problematic to Wisconsin citizens than say Ebola, consider how irresponsible as a public heath and safety issue Scott Walker's politically motivated decision to disregard the will of the people and kill Milwaukee's Paid Sick Leave law.

This is the very definition of gross criminal negligence on the part of the Scott Walker and the Republicans.

Scott Walker imposes disaster and then moves on.

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