Oct 8, 2014

Scott Krug Admits His Ruse Last Night in Adams County

Scott Krug 2010 Campaign Promise: 'Two terms and I'm out, I'm for real'

Scott Krug was not supposed to even be at two debates this week before the pro-water environmentalists and other voters in Adams and Wood counties.

"I'm for real," two terms and I'm out, declared Scott Krug in a campaign plank in 2010.

But the lies of Scott Krug extend deep into the most important issues facing central Wisconsin, the environment, specifically the devastation liquid cow manure and high capacity wells are inflicting on this tourism and recreational destination.

The damage already done to the waters comes as a proposed massive concentrated agricultural feeding operation (CAFO) is being fought by the sponsors of the debate that was held Monday and Tuesday.

No one can trust Scott Krug is the prevailing sentiment among anti-CAFO residents, a truism I repeated here, when I included Krug in a list of "cynical, corrupt politicians" who are providing political cover for polluters.

Krug said he was going to sue be for libel for my pointing out his con game, then backed down. Coward.

Scott Krug confirmed it Tuesday night at a forum in Adams county.

One observer reports: When Scott Krug was directly asked last night by Dana Duncan (D-Port Edwards), "when was the last time that your Water Advisory Board met" at a forum on health in Adams County, Krug replied: "We stopped meeting around the same time that many of the members started campaigning for you."

Krug's informal Water Advisory Board, cited by Krug as an example of his leading, was a ruse all along, and Krug admitted it.

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