Oct 7, 2014

Absurd Position from Wisconsin Attorney General Van Hollen

Update: Read Rick Hasen's commentary on Van Hollen's response brief. Decision could be announced any moment.
Wisconsin's Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen released a statement yesterday, saying because Judge Frank Easterbrook released the appellate Court's opinion yesterday, 29 days before Election Day, this "decision on the merits provides greater certainty that Wisconsin citizens will have the election in November that they expected three years ago -- one with Voter ID."

Who knew the Wisconsin electorate was so in tune with the opinions from the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit?

I thought it was just scholars, writers and voting rights activists.

Van Hollen is trying to get past the Purcell principle that says federal court decisions shy away from elections close to beginning (Wisconsin's had already begun) lest chaos ensues and voters become disenfranchised.

Easterbrook rushed out an opinion, appalling and disingenuous as it is, to assist J.B. Van Hollen's response to the Emergency application now before US Supreme Court Justice Kagen.

Van Hollen's response is due at 5:00 pm (Eastern time).

Wisconsin's corrupt Republican attorney general will assure Justice Kagen everything is clear in Wisconsin now.

Easterbrook reinstated Wisconsin Voter ID law on Sept. 12 after Wisconsin's election had already begun, votes had already been cast and chaos became the defining characteristic to the point that one in five Wisconsin citizens still say have no idea they need voter ID.

One hopes Kagen will not buy Van Hollen's absurd argument, and at least partially vacate Easterbrook's stay on the injunction of Wisconsin voter obstruction law that Scott Walker needs in place to win in November.

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