Sep 11, 2014

Wisconsin Voter Obstruction Operative Sought and Received Scott Walker's Advice

Scott Walker and the party of voter obstruction are still doing their worst to deter the wrong kind of voters, especially voting while black.

More evidence from a story breaking of Scott Walker's dedication to the GOP's anti-voting project, as pro-voting advocates still play a defensive, reactive game.

Report Dan Bice and Bill Glauber in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

A venture fund manager consulted with then-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker about state and federal voting laws in 2010, just weeks before the businessman began posting controversial ads on billboards in Milwaukee that warned "Voter Fraud is a Felony."

"Scott, I need to know the rules for illegal voting in Wisconsin," Stephen Einhorn wrote in an email on July 22, 2010. "Please check into the rules, including federal statutes. I need to know what the law is, if you violate it."

Einhorn continued, "I need this for some work that I am doing, and would appreciate your prompt response."

Walker forwarded the email to Cheryl Berdan, an assistant administrator in his office with the instructions, "Please help him out."

Until voting rights advocates, and this includes the Democratic Party, launch an offensive for voting rights, assholes like Stephen Einhorn and Scott Walker feel politically empowered to obstruct voting.

Today, Republicans know well that the higher the turnout, the lower the probability Scott Walker has of salvaging his shameful administration in November.

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