Sep 22, 2014

Sixteen CAFOs in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin Define Devastation

CAFOs in Kewaunee County Wisconsin
'There's nobody on the beach anymore'

Concentrated (or Confined) Agricultural Feeding Operation are CAFOs.

Devastating Wisconsin lakes, rivers, streams and aquifers, the issue is finally appearing on the radar of the Wisconsin gubernatorial campaign screen.

Babies with Ecoli, water wells contaminated with viruses, stench on the beach, declining property values, dead streams, toxic lakes, fear and Solastalgia Sickness. These are the consequences of living near CAFOs and their dumping 10s of millions of gallons of liquid cow manure straight into the environment every year.

We can thank the Diary Business Association (DBA)the DBA's sock pockets, Scott Walker, Scott Krug, the Republican Party, several in the Democratic Party—all in political thrall of the myth and money of the DBA while the Wisconsin Dept. of Tourism presents "communities along Lake Michigan ... perennial vacation favorites with a true coastal flavor, complete with sandy beaches" with no apparent sense of irony.

Here is the reality, exemplified in Kewaunee County (northeastern Wisconsin) where 16 CAFOs are sited and more Dairy production is planned, per Scott Walker's Dairy 30x20 Initiative, a Soviet-style agricultural plan with no consideration of the environmental and health devastation.

Coming soon to your community:

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  1. This issue has now gone can no longer hide or run from it...the people of Kewaunee County are mad as hell and we will not take it anymore....! We have way too many cows and not enough spreadable land for the 4+ million tons of manure that is produced. This issue is about the HEALTH of all citizens living in our county. Our county will soon have over 100,000 cows which will produce the same amount of waste each day as 2,000,000 people....does anyone really believe that our limited land can handle after day....? Really....? Does anyone really believe that our water system can handle this....? This assault must stop....and stop now....! The 20,500 mol people in Kewaunee County are demanding action be taken now....protect the natural resources of this great up DNR.....!