Sep 4, 2014

Scott Walker Refuses to Commit to Full Term; Backs off on Jobs Pledge

Scott Walker makes no jobs promises to the Wisconsin people anymore, refuses to pledge to commit to another full term, and has held ZERO Question and Answer sessions with Wisconsin voters.

It takes contempt, utter disrespect, Scott Walker has for Wisconsin voters to refuse to answer a simple question about any of these matters.

Disrespect is all Scott Walker has, besides a lot of money from special interests.

Walker was asked if he would serve a full term last April; Walker refused to answer with a yes or no, saying he was so focused on serving another term that he couldn't commit to serving a full term. (Marley, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) That's WalkerSpeak.

Writers are asking Walker to commit to a full term. So should Mary Burke.

Voters should demand that Walker respond to his central and repeated 2010 campaign promise that Wisconsin would add 250,000 private sector jobs during his first term as a floor.

Walker will break that campaign promise, period.

"I want my Cabinet secretaries to have branded across their heads, '250,000 jobs,' I want them to know their job is on the line because my job is on the line to create 250,000 jobs in the private sector," said Walker said at a December 2010 meeting of the Dairy Business Association [DBA]. (Bauer, AP)

It's appropriate Scott Walker made his broken promise at the DBA, a larger collection of bull-shitters than you will ever find in Wisconsin, excepting the Walker's Office of the Koch Brothers.

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