Sep 14, 2014

Scott Walker Does Not Know as Much as Jeopardy's Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings

Readers who DVR Jeopardy (Sony Corp) know last week featured Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings in the Battle of the Decades.

Rutter and Jennings are amazing minds, dominating this American gaming institution like Roberto Duran dominated the lightweight division in boxing in the 1970s and, I can't think of another example.

To hear Scott Walker, he simply does not have an immense general knowledge base rivaling Rutter and Jennings,' and doesn't know his mind as well, what with god inserting some many thoughts.

Part of what make these two millionaires so great at Jeopardy is not just that they know so much and are fast in clicking in on a question.

Rutter and Jennings also know their minds with striking clarity, often clicking in to be first and then voicing the correct answer (question) on occasions when they didn't know the answer when they clicked, but knew the answer would come to them fast.

This came to mind because Saturday the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorialized against dark money and asked Scott Walker if he knew about a well-publicized $700,000 contribution from Gogebic Taconite (GTac) LLC, a mining company that wrote a Republican mining bill before proposing its massive project that would devastate a pristine area in Iron and Ashland counties with North America's largest open pit mine.

Writes the Journal-Sentinel:

Gov. Scott Walker says he had nothing to do with soliciting a $700,000 donation from the mining company Gogebic Taconite for Wisconsin Club for Growth during the 2011 and 2012 recall elections. Asked whether he was aware of the donation, he responded with "not to my knowledge." (Which means exactly what?)

It means, if Scott Walker is to be believed, that Scott Walker simply does not know to his knowledge if GTac gave a $700,000 contribution to Club for Growth as Walker urged that all contributions be laundered through Club for Growth, a pro-Scott Walker group directed by Walker's campaign adviser.

If Walker loses in November, he can forget Jeopardy.

Walker is programmed by his attorneys and is attempting to be reelected without answering a question about the fact Walker was at the center of a criminal scheme placing him in criminal jeopardy, but we should give Walker a break about not being Rutter or Jennings.

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