Sep 24, 2014

American Lung Association Hit CAFOs for Pathogens Injested Through Lungs

Kewaunee County in Wisconsin is being devastated as 16 Dairy concentrated agricultural feeding operations (CAFOs) have destroyed the area as a recreational and tourism attraction while causing severe health problems in residents, and creating dead zones in Lake Michigan and literally destroying streams.

This crisis is replicated around the state.

Scott Walker's idea is: Let's build more CAFOs, it's what the Dairy industry wants and they give politicians a lot of money.

The American Lung Association has a different idea.

"We respectfully request that you hold a public hearing advance of issuing any (CAFO) permits, so that residents can be fully heard," says the American Lung Association letter dated March 26, 2013. (below)

Fully heard. Not a lot of money in that position for Scott Walker.

But Walker does feel compelled to cloud the issue by hawking a Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination Permit (WPDES), otherwise known as do-want-you-want-and-pollute-as-much-as-like permits.

"According to a report published by the National Associating of Local Boards of Health animal manure contains 160 pathogens that are capable of causing disease or infection in animal or humans, affecting the respiratory and digestive systems, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration, headaches, abdominal pain and cramping and other debilitating symptoms and illnesses. These pathogens can be transmitted through the air and/or water, potentially leading to widespread outbreaks. Manure Lagoons also contain antibiotics, hormones, barn cleaners and municipal and industrial wastes, all of which are potentially transferred to humans and animals a great distance from the spraying area," says the American Lung Association letter dated March 26, 2013.

Scott Walker should listen to health experts, and follow their advice.

In the meantime, boycotting milk should be considered as Dairy Farmers are destroying Wisconsin's water.

If you doubt this fact about the health of Wisconsin water, there is a test: Go to Lake Michigan by Kewaunee County, or Lake Petenwell in central Wisconsin or Lake Winnebago in east-central Wisconsin, or Lake Mendota in Dane County, grab a glass, dip the glass arms' length into the lake and drink the water.

Try it, but know where a hospital or the nearest Poison Center is located.

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