Aug 27, 2014

Wisconsin Republicans Fear Their Positions on Clean and Safe Water

Beaches closed in Wood
and Adams counties last week
suggest a problem
politicians ignore
I couldn't believe it when State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Wisconsin Rapids) threatened to sue me for libel for pointing out Krug practices a cynical, corrupt brand of politics hiding policies vectoring pathogens into lakes, streams and aquifers. (See the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune.)

I called around political-journalistic types and asked candidly if Krug were really this foolish to file a libel suit?

Yes, is the universal answer, and Krug reiterated his threats twice to me in emails, asking for retractions.

I told Krug in so many words that truth is a compelling defense against libel accusations, and laughed when I refused to retract the truth of Krug's sleazy lies.

Krug is panicked and his attack was foolish and revealing of his floundering campaign.

The significance of this matter is not just a corrupt politician trying to shut down a writer exposing Krug for what he is.

The critical nature of this issue, and why other politicians are getting panicked, came late this afternoon in an email from Nancy Koch with Protect Wood County and Its Neighbors.

Writes Koch:
Update: Blue green algae has been found at the 8th street intake to (L)ake Camelot. Adams County has taken sample(s), and is testing for dangerous toxicity, but the results will not be available by this weekend. It is recommended you keep children and pets out of the water on Lakes Camelot and Sherwood.

Please, notify your friends and neighbors who do not have the internet.

Central Wisconsin Nature (Foundation). ... It was observed originally last week (8/19) and a sample taken showed under the microscope that it was a certain type of algae which sometimes may contain blue-green algae. Further testing was required to determine if it was a type of toxic blue-green algae. When Reesa Evans went to get additional samples on Mon 8/25, the suspicious algae had been dispersed (probably by a combination of wind and the heavy downpour Monday morning). No additional samples have been taken as nothing suspicious was found on lower Camelot, in the channel or in upper Camelot by Reesa. The cautionary signs that were posted at the county park and the 8th ave boat landing last weekend have been removed. There seems to be no danger for swimming at this time -- but, it's always advisable to be cautious if the water is so green you can't see your feet in a foot of water or if the water surface is very scummy. Barb Herreid, Tri-Lakes Management District
Keep your children out of the water. That's what this issue is about.

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