Aug 31, 2014

Safe Water and Protected Land in Wisconsin—A Winning Commitment

"The power to enforce the important, federal Clean Water Act that protects waters like Lake Superior is delegated to states' natural resources agencies by the EPA. If state government fails to protect water, the EPA has the power, and the responsibility, to step in," notes the Midwest Environmental Advocates (Facebook)

Wisconsin gubernatorial candidates also have the power and responsibility to step it.

If the two major candidates share a common assumption that Wisconsin voters will choose to vote for one candidate out of repulsion for the other, consider the possibility that many famously unpredictable Wisconsin voters will register a protest vote, effectively stating, 'the hell with these two politicians,' in the absence of the candidates appearing in person and addressing issues such as clean and safe water, and safeguarding Wisconsin's pristine wilderness and habitats up north.

How many campaign appearances has Burke and Walker made to areas with lakes, streams and aquifers devastated by pathogens from liquid cow manure runoff? How many times have they visited Iron and Ashland counties, the proposed site of the massive GTac open pit iron ore mine?

The wavy lines to the right are called Lake Michigan, a
large body of water next to Wisconsin for the benefit
of the Mary Burke campaign
Campaign travel suggestion to Mary Burke: Get your ass up to Iron County, talk to Citizens Concerned about the proposed Penokee Mine, ask Joel Austin to take you to Rouse Falls; talk to Nick Vander Puy to get the 'News from the Front;' head southeast and talk to the folks in Kewaunee [citizens' groups at KewauneeCares and Restore Kewaunee] and then drive southwest to Wood and Adams counties.
Thousands of people from the surrounding counties in central Wisconsin would meet you  and talk about safeguarding the water for their children, their grandchildren and protecting the tourism and recreation industry; just don't swim in Lake Camelot or any other lake for that matter or swallow any water from the lakes under any condition.

Contrary to conventional political wisdom, voters are disaffected by both parties, or in Bernie Sanders' words, "people are profoundly disgusted ... and people want to hear voices saying, 'enough is enough' ... ."

Land - No place to devastate with an open pit mine

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