Aug 22, 2014

Pro-Water Group to Host Debate for Rep. Scott Krug and Dana Duncan

Protect Wood County and Its Neighbors and Rome and Saratoga Friendly will cohost a debate on October 6 between State Rep. Scott Krug (Wisconsin Rapids and ALEC) and Dana Duncan, the Democratic Party nominee for the 72nd assembly district.

Duncan has made his opposition to a proposed massive Concentrated Agricultural Feeding Operation (CAFO) that would abut four counties in central Wisconsin a centerpiece of his campaign to oust Krug.

Krug is a strong ally of Scott Walker's and Walker's transformation of the DNR into a corporation-friendly permit mill that has abandoned its historical mission of protecting Wisconsin's land and water.

Krug is still pursuing policies that vectors toxic runoff into aquifers and streams and lakes (resources making the region a tourism and recreational attraction) while pretending to champion water in the face of a citizen action against the proposed CAFO and increased liquid manure spraying in Wood County.

Yesterday, Krug after over two years of pressure from constituents finally came out against the proposed massive Wysocki CAFO in Juneau, Wood, Adams and Portage counties.

Krug still supports the several CAFOs operating in or near his 72nd assembly district, and remains a captive legislator in the pocket of the Dairy Business Association and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.

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