Aug 1, 2014

Potato Growers-CAFOs Back Scott Walker as Mary Burke Remains Mute

Citizens groups in Wood County Wisconsin and the surrounding region oppose concentrated agricultural feeding operations (CAFOs) and aerial liquid manure spraying.

Wood County recently passed a resolution against such manure spraying, as the Scott Walker administration lobbied behind the scenes against these Wisconsin citizens controlling their own community.

As the exploding number of CAFOs have received the go-ahead from the Walker administration, CAFOs are finding Wisconsin potato producers willing recipients of liquid cow manure.

It did not come as any surprise that a recent fundraiser at the home of Nick Somers, past president of the National Potato Council, gave Scott Walker a nice haul.

Contributors to Walker include the infamous CAFOs owners known as the Wysockis who are also heavy into producing potatoes laden with pesticides and cow manure.

The Wysockis are notorious for purposely injecting pathogens into the environment by way of cow manure and sucking up water aquifers with their numerous high-capacity water wells, the permits for which are given out like candy at Halloween by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Other potato growers, liquid cow manure irrigation owners, and CAFOs owners giving pay-to-play money to Scott Walker include:

Jim and Patty Anderson ($2,500)
Bob and Mary Berard ($2,500)
Joe Okray ($2,500)
Russ and Diane Wysocki ($2,500)
Paul Roberts, (Roberts Irrigation) ($1,500)
Louis and Avis Wysocki ($1,000)
Jerry O'Brien (top area lawyer ($500)
Greg Wysocki ($500)

No word from Scott Walker challenger, Mary Burke, as usual on where Burke stands on CAFOs and the attack on Wisconsin water by high-capacity water well permits.

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