Aug 15, 2014

Police Kill and Assault No One in Ferguson, Missouri Last Night

Wonderful news out of Ferguson, Missouri last night: Police killed and assaulted no one.
  • Police arrested no journalists
  • Police assaulted no journalists
  • Police destroyed no filming equipment
There was even no expressed hostility from the out-of-control group of "excessively armed and undertrained wannabes," (Nick Wing, Huffington Post) dangerous hicks playing war with "(j)et-black rifles leveled at unarmed citizens (backed by) mine-resistant vehicles once used to patrol the roadways of Iraq and Afghanistan (now) rumbling through small town America," while drawing overtime pay. (Gibbons-Neff, Washington Post)

Under orders from Gov. Jay Nixon, the Missouri State Patrol displaced the murderers of 18-year-old Michael Brown and the accomplices of the St. Louis County police.

The first night I felt safe, said one human in Ferguson. (Reilly, The Huffington Post)

Today, police even IDed the perp: "Officer" Darren Wilson, six-year veteran of the openly racist police force.

Police forces are composed of self-selecting officers in America.

For many police, especially forces in small-town and rural America, the emphasis is on force and authority and not public service.

Understandable when the psychology is that of an untrained occupying force in enemy territory.

Been reading more of former Madison, Wisconsin Police Chief David Couper, mentioned on the Rachel Maddow Show in its lede segment (Ferguson an object lesson in bad policing, 08/15/2014) last night.

The Maddow segment features footage from the PBS film (Two Days in October (Robert Kenner)) and commentary from a retired thug in the Madison Police in 1967, Prof. Maurice Zeitlin and Mayor Paul Soglin. Worth checking out in video below; history and humanism ought always be instructive, especially from police:

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