Jul 25, 2014

Two Things About Mary Burke—One Is Good

A good thing to be against
Mary Burke is not Scott Walker, and this is Burke's best asset.

Mary Burke is not a politician, and this is Burke's worst defect.

A good politician, the type of person who works for her fellows is difficult to find today.

So, we have Mary Burke.

Back in March, when Republicans were screwing over cancer victims (mostly veterans) suffering from Mesothelioma, Burke's campaign team decided the best way to help was silence. After a time, Burke did throw out a sentence, a good one.

Then, in July, Burke decided she was against Mesothelioma and would repeal the Act Republicans passed into law. This took four months.

Folks in central Wisconsin—who are working against the siting of a concentrated agricultural feeding operation CAFO that would inject liquid cow manure into the environment, including the streams, lakes, and peoples' homes—asked me earlier this week why Mary Burke takes so long to get behind something she should be championing.

They have contacted the Burke campaign numerous times, and are still awaiting a reply.

Nancy Koch [no relation] of the citizens' group, Protect Wood County and Its Neighbors told me, she feels like Burke is giving her and her people the "brush-off."

What's Burke's deal?

I told Koch and her friends I have no idea, and that I'm not sure Mary Burke particularly cares about people in central Wisconsin.

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