Jun 23, 2014

Scott Walker Alleges Corruption of Five Wisconsin DAs, Takes John Doe to New Level

Scott Walker Runs to Fox and Friends
Host, Steve Doocy for PR Help
Last Week after Documents Reveal
DAs Believe Walker Is Part
of Criminal Schtheeme
Updated - Neo Confederates follows Walker's lead. From James Varney, New Orleans Times-Picayune (NOLA.com): "Unscrupulous Democratic operatives there (in Wisconsin) are doing everything they can to bury a successful GOP executive.
What is particularly scary about Wisconsin, and what should give Americans of all stripes pause, is that the operatives there are prosecutors. Under a 'John Doe' banner - a distinctly Bolshevik sort of tool that should be illegal in the United States - prosecutors have launched a witch-hunt against Walker and some of his conservative supporters."

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See also Scott Walker's Non-Denial Denial of John Doe Criminality
Scott Walker's explanation made in response to the blockbuster report of allegations of a wide-ranging criminal scheme made by five Wisconsin district attorneys is that these five law enforcement Constitutional Officers (and special prosecutor Francis Schmitz) are corrupted by the political motivations of "big-government special interests;" and are corrupt allies who deny the John Doe probe they are conducting is "over;" "is a case that has been resolved;" and that "there is no argument" on the legal disposition of the John Doe litigation.

That the five Wisconsin District Attorneys continue to litigate on appeal in the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit is attributed by Walker as an attempt to impugn the reputation of Walker by the five district attorneys, to "trash" Walker to use the word of a Fox and Friends host with whom Scott Walker enthusiastically agreed.

It's a good thing for Walker, the appellate justices do not consider news reports in ruling on the merits of John Doe litigation, instead rightfully consigning themselves to the arguments in legal briefs and oral arguments.

The five district attorneys (plus special prosecutor Francis Schmitz) are:
  • Milwaukee County DA John T.Chisholm
  • Dane County DA Ismael R. Ozanne
  • Iowa County DA Larry E. Nelson
  • Dodge County DA Kurt F. Klomberg
  • Columbia County DA Jane E. Kohlwey
Fox and Friends Host, Steve Doocy [video is linked at left] put it to Walker: "It looks like they're just trying to trash you."

Unsealed Court Order and Exhibits from John Doe Probe
Walker agreed with Fox's Doocy, saying in response, "I think there's no doubt. This is one of those where the media jumps on this; some on the left spin this; you get our detractors out there trying to claim there's something more than there is. ... This is a prime example of what happens when you take on the big-government special interests. They're looking for ways to come at us. They'll continue to do it. They did it, you know, two years ago in the recall election. They're going to do it again now; we got another tough election this Fall. And so, they're going to come at it with just about everything out there."

As noted here yesterday, this alternative reality of the legal situation is too much for the editorial page of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel which blasted Walker in substance and blistering tone not seen yet in commentary in the daily newspaper that has broken most of the reporting on the John Doe investigation.

Reads the editorial in part:
It's over, Gov. Scott Walker is arguing: The John Doe case looking into whether his campaign illegally coordinated with supposedly independent groups is done. Kaput. Finished.

Well, sorry, governor, but that simply isn't true.

Yes, the investigation into the conduct of the campaign and outside groups during the 2012 recalls was halted by federal Judge Rudolph Randa in May when the judge ruled that the secret investigation violated the free speech rights of its targets. Randa's decision is now before a federal appeals court, and just like the recent federal court decision ending Wisconsin's ban on same-sex marriage, this case will continue until all appeals are exhausted.

That could be a while, which means that this story is far from over. Nor should it be.

We think Randa should have not shut down a duly commissioned state investigation into the campaigns. The prosecutors, with affinities for both parties, were simply doing their jobs: State law limits what outside groups such as the Wisconsin Club for Growth can do. Such groups are supposed to remain independent of campaigns; they cannot strategize with candidates.

Randa's decision was stunning for its overreach. He ordered the investigation shut down and found that only "express advocacy" — that is, explicitly urging people to vote for or against a candidate — was subject to state limits and control.

But coordination between campaigns and outside groups has long been illegal in Wisconsin for good reason. It's in the state statutes and was upheld by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals in a 1999 decision involving a state Supreme Court race. State election regulators later reaffirmed that a campaign cannot coordinate with an outside group, and on that basis, John Doe investigators proceeded to look into how the recall elections were conducted.
Walker's characterization of the ethics and motivation of the five District Attorneys is as ludicrous as Walker's reading of the legal disposition of the now several cases involving the investigation of Scott Walker and possible other parties at the center of the criminal scheme to funnel money into the recall races of 2011-12.

Walker also includes the media of course as in cahoots with the five District Attorneys: "Still, many in the media proceed as though the opinion of the partisan prosecutors is new information and ignore the truths I have stated .... It is not. It is old news that has already been discounted by two judges. No charges. No case," said Walker.

Walker's accusations demonstrate the callow and reckless disregard Walker has for the truth and those he defames.

Walker's message of corrupt district attorneys is dutifully picked up by the righwing press used as a lead-in for pieces about different topics, "Wisconsin doesn't have just a problem with rogue prosecutors (see the Milwaukee County DA's John Doe probe of Governor Scott Walker's allies). It also appears to have a rogue education department." (Finley, Wall Street Journal)

If the five district attorneys are engaging in partisan character assassination of Scott Walker [an unlikely possibility considering that two of the five DAs are Republicans and the fact that all have shown themselves to be ethical jurists in good standing with the State Bar of Wisconsin], Scott Walker should make a public and formal declaration of prosecutorial misconduct and proceed on this basis. Name the names and tell all of the facts.

Of course, any non-Republican can see that Walker is engaging in desperate spin and formally questioning the conduct (which would be an unjust and defamatory exercise) of the District Attorneys would likely result in making public more hard evidence and documentation of the affairs of Scott Walker while serving as Milwaukee County Executive and Governor.

This is the last thing Scott Walker wants.

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